CARPE Dronvm: Enabling Everyone to be a Counter Unmanned Aerial System Sensor


CARPE Dronvm is a smartphone app used to report suspicious Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) activity and provide increased situational awareness to appropriate authorities.

CARPE Dronvm is a smartphone app used to report suspicious UAS activity and provide increased situational awareness to appropriate authorities. 

Enhanced Safety, Security, and Peace of Mind  

Amid growing concerns over safety and security, MITRE is committed to providing a solution, usable worldwide. CARPE Dronvm is ideal for vulnerable areas, soft targets, and crowded venues. With CARPE Dronvm, anyone with a smartphone can easily and quickly report drones.  

CARPE Dronvm’s app enables users to take photos of suspicious drones. Simultaneously, the app creates and sends a drone report to the appropriate authorities (e.g., command center). The system also alerts nearby CARPE Dronvm users within a predefined warning distance.  

CARPE Dronvm also includes a web interface to track reported drones via a situational awareness map, which enables command and control authorities to monitor drone activity for their area of responsibility.  

How it Works  

The app will be available in both Android and iOS.  

  1. CARPE Dronvm user takes a picture of the suspicious drone, using the CARPE Dronvm app.  
  2. CARPE Dronvm app automatically communicates with the processing engine (running a computer-vision machine learning algorithm) to determine if the picture contains a drone and to calculate its location.  
  3. If a drone is detected:  
    1. Command center is alerted, and drone location is generated on the situational awareness map.  
    2. Alerts are sent to other CARPE Dronvm users in the vicinity of the drone.  

Why It’s Different  

CARPE Dronvm is different because it:  

  • Enables everyone to be a sensor  
  • Deploys for minimal cost  
  • Quickly alerts CARPE Dronvm users within a certain distance, such as only security officers within a 5-mile radius  
  • Uses the computing power and sheer volume advantage of humans to detect and report drones

CARPE Dronvm pairs state-of-the-art technology with the best sensors, the human eyes and brains, to quickly and efficiently enable a counter-drone strategy wherever it is needed. – CARPE Dronvm Lead Greg Tavarez  

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