Cyber-Physical System Evaluation


Described are methods, systems, and computer-program product embodiments for deriving a model of computation of a cyber-physical system (CPS). In some embodiments, a method includes receiving, from the CPS network, network-events data corresponding to a process performed by the CPS and including network events and associated group IDs. A plurality of events logs for a plurality of selections of group IDs are generated with each events log including a sequence of network events selected from the network events based on the selection of group IDs for that events log. A plurality of directed graphs for the plurality of events logs are generated with each directed graph generated based on the sequence of network events in the events log. A plurality of group IDs can be determined based on a directed graph selected from the plurality of directed graphs based on a complexity score calculated for each directed graph.

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Patent number: 11,405,285

Date issued: August 2, 2022