Deploying session initiation protocol application network security


Described are systems, methods, and computer-program product embodiments for providing Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) network security. In some embodiments, a SIP processing system includes a SIP device configured to establish and control a SIP communication session between SIP user agents. In some embodiments, the SIP processing system includes a SIP device that establishes a recording session with a first server to receive SIP messages relayed in the SIP communication session. The first server decodes the SIP messages based on metadata in the SIP messages to extract multimedia content. Then, the first server opens a socket connection to establish a security session with a security system configured to determine whether the portion is associated with a detected threat and transmits a portion of the decoded multimedia to the security system. Based on a threat status generated by and received from the security system, the first server controls the SIP communication session.

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Patent Number: 10,749,900

Date Issued: August 18 2020