Device for microscopic sample collection


A microscopic collection device, method for collecting a microscopic sample from a target surface, and the work stand for holding the microscopic collection device are provided. The microscopic collection device includes a holding element comprising a handle at one end and a collection platform connected to the holding element at a second end. The collection platform includes a collection surface on which the microscopic sample is deposited when the microscopic collection device comes into contact with the target surface. A tape is inserted through a slit and wrapped around the collection platform. The work stand includes a slit capable of holding the microscopic collection device such that the collection platform is perpendicular to the top surface of the work stand. A microscopic sample, collected using the microscopic collection device, is not only collected from the target surface but is also concentrated onto the collection face of the tape. Removal of the collection face of the tape excludes excess tape that would disrupt downstream analysis of the microscopic sample.

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Patent Number: 10,634,584

Date Issued: April 28 2020