GNSS Spoofing Detection Using Peak Suppression Monitor


Patent No.: US 11,874,382 

Date of Patent: January 16, 2024

The IP relates to systems, methods, and devices for detecting and suppressing Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) spoofing. GNSS provides critical position, velocity, and timing (PVT) capabilities to military, civilian, and/or commercial users around the world. GNSS can however become vul­nerable to unintentional and/or malicious interference.  Spoofing is a form of intentional interference in which synthetic GNSS signals are broadcast to cause a GNSS receiver to use false signals and obtain an incorrect position and/or time solution.

Techniques for detecting and suppressing GNSS spoofing can be implemented using a peak suppression (PS) monitor. The PS monitor as described herein can use historical and present CTO measurements to detect multiple peaks on a single channel. When multiple peaks are detected on a single channel, a flag can be raised to notify the user of a spoofing event. Once the spoofing is detected, the spoofing can be mitigated.

A peak suppression monitor is coupled to a tracking channel. The peak suppression monitor facilitates receiving, from the tracking channel over a time period, real-time correlation data derived from a global navigation satellite system signal. The real-time correlation data having one or more peaks. Predicted correlation data corresponding to the real-time correlation data is determined based on historical correlation data. A presence of spoofing within the real-time correlation data is identified based on one or more peaks of residual correlation data. The residual correlation data including a comparison between the real-time correlation data and the predicted correlation data.

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