Low-profile, wideband electronically scanned array for geo-location, communications, and radar


An antenna element including a base plate, a first ground clustered pillar projecting from the base plate, a second ground clustered pillar projecting from the base plate and spaced apart from a first side of the first ground clustered pillar is provided. The ground clustered pillars, the signal ears, and the ground ears can be shapes so that the capacitive coupling between the ears and the pillars is sufficient to allow them to be spaced further apart, thereby reducing the number of elements required in the phased array. In some embodiments, the ground ear can be directly machined with the base plate thereby obviating the need for the ground ear to be overmolded into the base plate with the signal ear. In other embodiments the phased array antenna can utilize elastomeric connectors to further improve the mechanical and electrical reliability of the connections of the phase array antenna.

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Patent Number: 10,854,993

Date Issued: December 01, 2020