MARS Organizational Agility Serious Game


MARS is a facilitated tabletop game that teaches leaders about how to apply organizational agility best practices to their organizations. 

The MARS Organizational Agility Serious Game is a component of MITRE’s Organizational Agility Toolkit, which also includes the Government Organizational Agility Assessment and The Government Leader’s Field Guide to Organizational Agility. MARS is a facilitated tabletop game that teaches leaders about how to apply organizational agility best practices to their organizations. In a half-day session, 5-7 players experience a turbulent environment and must work together to achieve the mission of the simulated MARS Agency as they try out organizational agility principles in a fun and safe setting.

MARS is a serious game that can enhance leaders’ ability to transform their organization through anticipating and responding to constant change. Grounded in research MITRE has been conducting since 2015 and rooted in the fields of organization development and Industrial/Organizational Psychology, MARS thrusts players into a brave new world where they are compelled to develop vital skills, strengthen their leadership competencies, and improve team performance to colonize the Red Planet. In a world as turbulent as their own, players explore organizational agility concepts and put them into immediate practice. Guided by a trained facilitator, players have the opportunity to examine and refine their decisions and try new courses of action in a risk-free, simulated environment.


Can be used in a multitude of settings:

  • Intact leadership teams
  • Cross-functional groups
  • Team-building exercises
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Leadership education

Value Proposition

Using up-to-date, proven techniques, the MARS Organizational Agility Serious Game teaches leaders modern paradigms for preparing their organizations to anticipate and respond to disruptive change. In a safe, simulated environment, leaders can develop their ability to guide their organization through turbulent times.


Teams and leaders who are faced with constant change—including uncertain resources, shifting political landscapes, technological modernization, and changing demographics—will  benefit from the agility principles explored in this simulated organization.

Will improve participants’ skills in:

  • Teamwork
  • Mission focus
  • Organizational change
  • Decision making

Additional Information


  • Shelley Kirkpatrick
  • Sarah Miller
  • Peter Leveille
  • Erik Cerini

Technology Readiness Level:

TRL 8 for the physical game, TRL 3 for the online game