Methods and system for constrained replay debugging with message communications


A graphical user interface configured to facilitate replay debugging in distributed software programs is provided. In one or more examples, the graphical user interface provides a visual progress bar, wherein a position on the visual progress bar corresponds to a log file generated when the distributed software program is executed. The user can manipulate the graphical user to replay the log files and visualize the state of the playback through the visual progress bar. The graphical user interface can also allow the user to provide watch points and can allow the user to visualize variables that are contained within the log files. The watch points can represent one or more conditions. The log files can be analyzed to determine if they meet the condition specified in the watch point, and if the log files meet the condition, a visual indication can be provided on the visual progress bar.

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Patent Number: 10,649,884

Date Issued: May 12 2020