Multi-Domain Vulnerability Assessment 


MITRE’s Multi-Domain Vulnerability Assessment (MDVA) field kit solution helps operators of information technology and operational technology infrastructure identify vulnerabilities via close-range wireless sensing paired with automated analytics.

The MDVA solution enables passive collection of data observable on multiple radio frequency (RF) and imagery modalities. MDVA uses sensors integrated into a portable prototype field kit, allowing it to be used from the exterior of facilities or around outdoor infrastructure. The kit includes a data services enclave for analytics and visualization. Notable analytics include a device inference service to identify, classify, and correlate observable wireless devices. The wireless devices found are evaluated for known vulnerabilities and weaknesses and assigned an aggregate risk score.

MITRE’s approach integrates low-cost, mobile sensing and analytics with threat information-sharing to automatically identify and communicate potential vulnerabilities to non-cyber experts. The MDVA field kit offers a new tool to enhance the ability of infrastructure and facility operators to better protect themselves, allowing them to prioritize vulnerability mitigations without disrupting operations.

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