Providing survivable calling and conferencing


Disclosed herein are system, apparatus, method and/or computer program product embodiments for providing survivable calling and conferencing. An embodiment operates by providing, by a first server, a first sub-conference to a plurality of user devices over first lines. The first sub-conference is combined with a second sub-conference to form a collective conference of the plurality of user devices. The first server accesses the conference. A second server is configured to provide the second sub-conference of the collective conference to the plurality of user devices over second lines, the first and second lines being distinct from each other. The collective conference may provide resilient and reliable sharing of information among participants and may leverage dispersed elements or diverse links simultaneously without impediments of echoes, loops, or other impacts.

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Patent Number: 10,868,843

Date Issued: December 15 2020

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Date Issued: December 7, 2021