Quantum key distribution information leakage due to backflashes in single photon avalanche photodiodes


A quantum cryptography apparatus and system includes a photon emitter, a photon receiver, a first photodetector, a second photodetector, a first polarization optic, and a second polarization optic. The photon emitter is configured to emit a photon at a wavelength. The photon receiver is coupled to the photon emitter by at least one quantum channel. The photon receiver includes the first polarization optic configured to output the emitted photon in a polarization state. The first photodetector is configured to detect the emitted photon from the output of the first polarization optic. The second photodetector is configured to detect a backflash from the first photodetector. The second polarization optic is between the first photodetector and the second photodetector. The second photodetector and the second polarization optic are configured to internally calibrate the photon receiver.

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Patent Number: 10,855,456

Date Issued: December 01 2020