Radar operation in a nuclear-scintillated environment


The present disclosure relates to enabling a radar system relates to identify airborne and spaceborne objects in a nuclear-scintillated environment. In some embodiments, the radar system transmits a plurality of narrowband signals corresponding to a plurality of consecutive segments of a linear frequency modulated (LFM) waveform. The radar system receives a plurality of echo signals corresponding to the plurality of narrowband signals being reflected from an airborne or spaceborne object. Upon processing the plurality of echo signals to generate a plurality of waveform segments, the radar system combines the plurality of waveform segments to produce a composite waveform. Then, the radar system applies a matched filter to the composite waveform using the LFM waveform to identify the airborne or spaceborne object.

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Patent Number: 10,605,895

Date Issued: March 31 2020