System and method for vetting mobile phone software applications


A system and method for implementing a software emulation environment is provided. In one example, a mobile application can interface with an emulation environment that can be used to test whether the mobile application includes malware that can compromise the security and integrity of an enterprise's computing infrastructure. When the mobile application issues a call for data, a device mimic module can intercept the call and determine if the call includes a call for one or more checkable artifacts that can reveal the existence of the emulation environment. If such a call for data occurs, the device mimic module can provide one or more spoofed checkable artifacts that have been recorded from a real-world mobile device. In this way, the existence of the emulation environment can be concealed so as to allow for a more thorough analysis of a mobile application for potential hidden malware.

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Patent Number: 10,528,734

Date Issued: January 07 2020