System and methods for generating and receiving doppler tolerant multipurpose communication waveforms


A system and method for generating communications waveforms that can operate in congested frequency spaces and in applications in which the receiver is moving with respect to the transmitter is provided. In one or more examples, each symbol to be encoded and transmitted is converted into a sequence of frequency chirps. The sequence of frequencies used by the sequence of chirps is based on the symbol that is to be encoded. Each chirp can have a center frequency, and the frequency can be swept over the duration of the chirp. In this way each chirp can have a varying frequency over the duration of the chirp, but the phase of the chirp can be continuous throughout the duration of the chirp. The bandwidth and sweep rate of the chirp can be based on the expected maximum velocity of the receiver and the transmitter relative to one another.

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Patent Number: 11,099,265

Date Issued: August 24, 2021