System and methods for mitigating ground induced currents on commercial power infrastructure


Systems and methods for mitigating ground induced currents are provided. In one or more examples, the systems and methods can utilize one or more device(s) that can be configured to detect DC currents being induced in and propagated along a power line that is transmitting an AC power signal. In one or more examples the device can be separate the desirable AC power waveform from the undesirable induced DC voltage and determine if the level of induced DC propagating on the power line requires mitigation. In one or more examples, if it is determined that mitigation is required, then the device can be configured to trigger a switch that can be shunt the DC power at the AC waveform zero crossing to a circuit element that is configured to dissipate the undesirable DC current. Filtering can be employed to remove any inadvertent low voltage harmonic distortion. The switch can be triggered during a zero-crossing of the signal to minimize disruption to an end user of the power signal.

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Patent number: 11,404,861

Date issued: August 2, 2022