X Academy: A Customizable Learning Platform


X Academy is a web learning platform, primarily built for technologists, with the capability to deliver content regardless of topic. It enables technologists to design curriculum and manage content in their own academy website instance. These instances have proven to deliver impactful resources that accelerate learning and the adoption of a broad range of technical topics.

MITRE’s e’X’tensible Academy was developed in collaboration with the United States Air Force to provide a highly configurable learning platform initially for software developers. It delivers educational resources in the form of a web site to its community of students. Utilizing the vast amount of publicly available and licensed content throughout the web, coupled with subject matter experts’ curation, the X Academy delivers a unique learning experience for its users through a no-code solution for its content managers and site administrators.

Learn, Practice, Compete

Using the model of “Learn, Practice, and Compete,” students will be guided through tracks and content specific to the topic you’ve designed and configured for them. Our proven model allows students to:

  • Learn from subject matter expert approved curated content
  • Practice in the form of hands-on exercise
  • Compete with others to assess and refine skills

While students learn through a website, content managers and site administrators configure and manage the student web site through the X Academy’s interface. In addition to the website and no-code configurable platform, the X Academy offers curriculum design through our proven student user persona workflow and content curation using MITRE’s subject matter experts specific to your technical content needs.

Why is This Important?

MITRE recognizes the challenge of technologists and managers who desire to instruct their student user population without the effort of developing and maintaining a website. The highly configurable X Academy platform alleviates that burden. In addition, designing a curriculum and identifying domain-specific, high quality curated content can be burdensome. By partnering with the X Academy and MITRE’s technical subject matter experts, the challenge of delivering for retention and use is made easier.

Learning Platforms Created through X-Academy:

DevOps Academy

Students will be guided through tracks and content specific to the topic of DevOps tools and processes. MITRE’s DevOps Academy includes educational content covering basics and advanced topics such as:

  • Software Design and Architecture
  • Source Code Management
  • Code Quality
  • Configuration Management
  • Infrastructure and Networking
  • Agile Project Management
  • User Interface Design

Cyber Academy

MITRE’s Cyber Academy will guide students through curriculum about cybersecurity tools and processes. Students will learn cybersecurity foundations and advanced topics such as:

  • Cybersecurity fundamentals
  • Cyber attack
  • Cyber defense
  • Mobile and embedded IoT security
  • Tools of the Trade, and more.

Web3 Academy

Web3 describes the next generation of software powered by decentralized protocols. Because users don’t need to trust one another or a third party for a system to function correctly, Web3 applications are appropriate for collaboration among diverse stakeholders across borders and jurisdictions. MITRE’s Web3 academy contains curated curriculum that includes:

  • Understanding Web3: What and Why?
  • Web3 Ecosystem
  • Web3 technical fundamentals and essential knowledge
  • Hands-on practice with Ethereum tutorials and other development resources

To learn more about MITRE’s X Academy please email xacademy@mitre.org. For licensing opportunities email techtransfer@mitre.org.