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Modeling and Analysis Innovation Center

We use modeling, simulation, experimentation, and analysis to understand ”why?” and “what if?” to support decision making.

The Modeling and Analysis Innovation Center conducts the data- and model-driven analyses to fully understand problems from multiple perspectives on behalf of the government to prototype, experiment, explore and inform better decisions across systems. 

Through technical rigor, objectivity, problem formulation, diverse analytic techniques, and multiple approaches to presentation and understanding, the Modeling and Analysis Innovation Center elevates and leads the use of models and analysis to support defensible decisions across MITRE’s sponsors. We ensure to ask the right questions, answer relevant questions, and interpret and present those results in meaningful, visual, and actionable ways.

Capabilities include: 

  • Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Optimization
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Simulation and Computational Analytics
  • Systems Modeling and Analysis
  • Wargaming and Experimentation


Our Impact

Independent Research

Experimentation is in our DNA.

Focus Areas

Artificial Intelligence

Driving mission impact with big data and speed.