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November 2015
Topics: Cybersecurity, Computer Security, Sociology, Social Behavior
Robert Dix, Juniper Networks
Chris Folk, The MITRE Corporation
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Cyber ecosystem threats today are not limited to nation state actors with piles of sophisticated weapons and their trained national armies. All they need is a computer and the Internet. There are also increasing attacks targeted towards individuals. From 2013 to 2014, there was a 650% increase in social media spam, and 99% of malicious URLs in inappropriate content led to malware installation or credential phishing sites.

What these significant attacks all have in common is an individual citizen as the target, which begs the question, what can they be doing to employ basic computer security practices to help them reduce their individual vulnerability and decrease the aggregate vulnerabilities? 

Understanding the “80% challenge” and the underlying premise behind it (that we can up our defenses if we routinely implement computer hygiene solutions) – we could up our game significantly. 

This white paper, a publication of the AFCEA International Cyber Committee, is a call for awareness with recommendations for actions that need to evolve just as we evolve the related technologies that enable this progress.​ 

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