10-Point Action Plan: Sustaining A Biopharma Industrial Base for a More Secure Nation

August 2021
Topics: Biotechnology, Public Health, Partnerships, Medicine, Emergency Preparedness and Response
Monique K. Mansoura Ph.D., The MITRE Corporation
Dr. Jay J. Schnitzer, The MITRE Corporation
Biopharma scientist wearing protective gear in a laboratory.
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High-impact events, including pandemics, extreme weather events, and trade disputes, put U.S. national security and long-term economic competitiveness at risk. A lack of a sustainable biopharma industrial base, including critical infrastructure and a trained workforce, to ensure adequate supply of medical countermeasures, essential medicines, and medical supplies at sufficient scale and speed, warrants urgent action.

We propose this 10-point action plan to mitigate risks from these high-consequence events, while fostering a stronger bioeconomy and a safer world.


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