3MID: The MITRE Maternal Mortality & Morbidity Interactive Dashboard

March 2021
Topics: Public Health, Data Analytics, Health Data, Healthcare IT

MITRE seeks to improve maternal health in the U.S. through innovative, data-driven solutions. The Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Interactive Dashboard (3MID) empowers users to make data-driven decisions to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality. A user can analyze how budgeting, social determinants of health, and interventions that address the leading causes of pregnancy-related deaths could reduce rates of maternal morbidity and mortality, especially in rural and low-income areas.

Additionally, as MITRE navigated data quality issues in maternal health, the team noticed a gap in the literature and have shared their lessons learned (below) about data with the maternal health community to help raise awareness.


For information about MITRE’s maternal health expertise and capabilities, contact Rachel Mayer.

For more on our collaboration with the March of Dimes, read our story, Fighting Maternal Mortality with Better Data and a Powerful Partnership


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