A National Strategy for Digital Health

March 2022
Topics: Public Health, Policy, Systems Modernization, Emergency Preparedness and Response
Digital Health Team, MITRE
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The technologies referred to collectively as “digital health” are disrupting the status quo of healthcare and well-being, in this country and beyond. The COVID-19 pandemic drove a surge in use of digital health, in the process yielding data and potential lessons regarding its delivery, impact, value, and sustainability. The pandemic may yield a transformation that positively affects individuals, families, and communities. The alternative—simply layering digital technologies on top of the current system—will not merely maintain the status quo. It will worsen conditions for those who are already behind in terms of connectivity, digital literacy, and access to care, and will further open the door to abuse, fraud, and waste. That result, in a nation of such wealth and innovative capacity, is unacceptable.

The nation needs to act strategically to realize a vision of improved health and well-being, with full consideration of the distinctive challenges and opportunities that digital health presents. The strategy outlined here, comprising six goals and recommended actions, offers a framework for guiding the development of the U.S. digital health ecosystem. 

A draft of this strategy was released in May 2021 with the intent of starting a conversation. The 2022 version includes a number of significant changes that reflect the insightful feedback we received and the evolution of our thinking. 

For more information, read the executive summaryA Call to Action: A National Strategy for Digital Health

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