Accelerating and Aligning Population-based Payment Models: Performance Measurement

July 2016
Topics: Payment Models, Public Health, Government Agency Operations
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The White Paper provides guidance on performance measurement, with a goal of creating a set of consensus recommendations for use nationally. At a high level, the Work Group recommends the following:

  • Future-state measures must be based as much as possible on results that matter to patients.
  • Reliance on core measure sets is valuable, but continued innovation and refinement are needed to ensure measure sets are comprehensive, parsimonious, and outcome oriented.
  • A governance process is needed to oversee and accelerate the development, testing, and use of new, high priority measures.
  • The infrastructure nationally must be sufficient to systematically collect, use, and report clinically rich and patient-reported data.
  • Measurement systems must create meaningful incentives to deliver high-quality care, achieve favorable health outcomes, improve patient care experiences, and manage the total cost of care.
  • Performance targets must motivate improvement across the performance continuum, promote best practice sharing, and enable long-term planning and commitment to improvement.

The paper concludes with some immediate next steps that stakeholders can take to advance the Work Group's recommended approach to performance measurement in PBP models.


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