Adapting Information Engineering for the National Airspace System and Its Application to Flight Planning

September 1999
Michael A. Hermes, The MITRE Corporation
Sarah E. Stalnaker, The MITRE Corporation
Dr. Nels A. Broste, The MITRE Corporation
Gary L. Smith, The MITRE Corporation
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A combined team from the FAA, the aviation community, contractors, and CAASD jointly adapted the information engineering process for the information flows in the National Airspace System. Information engineering was then applied to the information flows necessary for flight planning in a Free Flight environment. The combined team created high level information engineering products and an interactive prototype. CAASD documented an overview of the information engineering approach in this assessment. The application of information engineering to flight planning shows that an enhanced and more dynamic flight planning process is necessary to implement Free Flight advances for improved access, predictability, flexibility, and capacity in the National Airspace System. The study also demonstrates the power of the information engineering process in assessing system needs.


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