Battle Networks, Innovation, and Kill Chains for the Future Fight

September 2020
Topics: Command and Control, Defense Systems, Operational Innovation
Eliahu H. Niewood, The MITRE Corporation
Greg Grant, The MITRE Corporation
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The Department of Defense recognizes its need to do better at fielding new capabilities. However, while it spends a lot of time talking about kill chains, innovation, and battle networks, it has done less to actually make those happen. For DoD to make progress building more effective kill chains it should stop devoting time, money, and energy into standing up offices organized around a specific technology or focusing senior leadership on developing a specific technology. 

If the DoD wants to do more innovation, it needs to focus on enabling innovation within the offices doing prototyping, development, and acquisition rather than creating offices to innovate. If the DoD wants better battle networks, it needs to develop better collection capabilities, move the right information (not data) to decision makers, and give them faster, longer-range weapons.



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