Composable Operations Center

December 2011
Topics: Collaborative Computing, Distributed Systems, Information Storage and Retrieval
Aaron Griggs, The MITRE Corporation
Jeff Barron, The MITRE Corporation
Steve Jones, The MITRE Corporation
Kem Kaiyarath, The MITRE Corporation
Weber Lin, The MITRE Corporation
Dan Ostermiller, The MITRE Corporation
Josh O'Sullivan, The MITRE Corporation
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Composable Operations Center (COC) is a MITRE-wide initiative that brings together the MITRE Innovation Program (MIP) and MITRE work programs to develop and demonstrate a common approach for hosting and rapidly composing operations center capabilities within a secure virtual computing environment. The initiative began in January 2010 and is expected to continue through September 2012. This document provides an overview of the MITRE Naval Division's engagement through November 2010.


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