Critical Infrastructure Resilience: A Regional and National Approach

February 2015
Topics: Critical Infrastructure Protection, Resiliency, Emergency Preparedness and Response
Emily Frye, The MITRE Corporation
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MITRE, in its role as a trusted adviser with government leaders throughout the federal government, combined with its insights into regional priorities and concerns, offers three essential recommendations for addressing critical infrastructure (CI) resilience:

  1. Resilience should be assessed and addressed at a regional level.
  2. Resilience assessments should be function-based (rather than asset-based), and should encompass both physical and cyber terrain.
  3. The federal government role is to empower greater governance, planning, and implementation by regions—for regions; and to dovetail national priorities with regional priorities where both can benefit.

History has shown that our focus must be on bolstering the capability of maintaining essential functions through adverse circumstances, and when that is impossible, to ensure recovery as rapidly as possible. A well-organized, collaborative and plan-based approach to CI resilience may be our best hope.


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