Data Center Energy Efficiency Technologies and Methodologies

February 2016
Topics: Government Agency Operations, Acquisition Management, Computing and Information Systems Management, Energy Management, Economic and Cost Analysis, Technology Investment Planning
Dr. Alex D. Schlichting, The MITRE Corporation
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Although data centers (DC) are most often associated with warehouses filled with rack upon rack of servers owned and operated by large information technology (IT) companies, the Department of Defense (DoD) has a significant number of DCs themselves. While the DoD initiated a consolidation effort in 2010, there is still plenty of opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of their DCs to increase their cost effectiveness and resiliency. The goal of this study is to examine the technologies and related technology management methodologies commercial companies, hereafter referred to collectively as Industry, use to improve the energy efficiency of their DCs and identify the most promising ones that DoD DC operators could leverage. The study concludes with a set of key overall findings and a number of DoD-specific recommendations.


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