Evaluation of the Uses and Benefits of a Social Business Platform

May 2012
Lester J. Holtzblatt, The MITRE Corporation
Laurie E. Damianos, The MITRE Corporation
Dr. Jill L. Drury, The MITRE Corporation
Dr. Donna L. Cuomo, The MITRE Corporation
Daniel Weiss, The MITRE Corporation
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We evaluated an integrated social software platform, called Handshake, to determine individuals' usage patterns and characterize Handshake's business value. Our multi-step investigation included conducting 63 in-depth interviews, analyzing log data from 4600+ users, and administering an online survey. We found that both the level and type of participation affects whether users experience value. Active participants, for example, say that Handshake supports collaboration, strengthens social connections, fosters awareness of connections’ activities, and facilitates knowledge management. This case study captures an early snapshot of behavior that we anticipate will change and grow over time.


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