Interagency S&T Leadership

April 2016
Topics: Technology Investment Planning, Government Agency Operations, Computing and Information Systems Management, Government Acquisition
Duane M. Blackburn, The MITRE Corporation
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This paper examines the concept of interagency collaboration as a recommended approach for federal science and technology (S&T) program managers to take, as well as the leadership concepts required for success in such an environment. The paper is organized into two major sections: (a)foundational material on the federal budget development process, leadership principles, and interagency structures; and (b) practical guidance with concepts and helpful hints on leading interagency activities in general, and in the specific case of formal coordination through the National Science and Technology Council. Together, these two sections will provide federal program managers and policymakers with the insights necessary for the U.S. to maximize the returns on the 25% that it controls of the U.S.’ annual innovation investments.


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