Pilot and Air Traffic Controller Use of Interval Management During Terminal Metering Operations

January 2018
Topics: Aviation and Aeronautics, Systems Engineering
Randall S. Bone, The MITRE Corporation
Andrew S. Mendolia, The MITRE Corporation
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This HITL simulation activity was designed to examine the integration of a relative spacing concept (Interval Management [IM]) into a future absolute spacing terminal metering environment provided by Terminal Sequencing and Spacing (TSAS). Air traffic controllers and flight crews utilized current day automation capabilities with enhancements for terminal metering and IM to test the integration for acceptability and necessary spacing awareness information. Both groups had different sets of spacing information that were examined across several traffic scenarios. The results indicate IM is compatible with terminal metering, but the appropriate controller and flight crew tools to support trust of IM should continue to be examined. Concept and operational recommendations are made, including enhancements to IM-related displays.


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