Russian Military Art and Advanced Weaponry

October 2020
Topics: Warfare, Joint Operations, Military Equipment, Military Intelligence, Military Planning, Command and Control, Intelligence Analysis
Timothy L. Thomas, The MITRE Corporation
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Several recent conflicts have influenced military art in Russia. They include Russian lessons learned and knowledge gained from combat experiences in Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine, Syria (especially the testing of robotics and  weapons under combat conditions), and now Libya as well as through the close scrutiny of US lessons learned in the fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Military art is affected as well when US and NATO weaknesses are uncovered and ways to exploit them advanced. When placed side by side with the implications of the changing nature of warfare (speed, agility, reach), there is abundant evidence that military art is being affected by numerous internal and external criteria.

Some of the specific ways that military art is being affected are summarized in the paper. Specifically, the following subtopics are covered:  Disorganization Concept, Forms of Radio-Electronic Warfare, Deep Operations and Space Theaters of Operation (TVD), Initial Period of War, Maneuver, Stratagems, Fires, Indirect Warfare, and Geophysical Weapons.


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