Symposium on the Federal Workforce for the 21st Century Report

October 2018
Topics: Government Agency Operations, Human Resources Management
Leslie Z. Anderson, The MITRE Corporation
James E. Cook, The MITRE Corporation
Vanessa L. Graf, The MITRE Corporation
Marilyn S. Kupetz, The MITRE Corporation
Jennifer F. Myers, The MITRE Corporation
Sarah A. Nissenson, The MITRE Corporation
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MITRE released the Symposium on the Federal Workforce for the 21st Century Report, which was provided first to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The report highlights nine recommendations related to talent acquisition and development, performance management and compensation, and civil service reform to address workforce challenges experienced by agencies and their employees.

On September 12, 2018, OMB and MITRE convened more than 150 leaders and workforce experts from the private sector, academia, federal and state agencies, and other organizations from across the country for a full day symposium to discuss workforce challenges and share their practices and lessons learned. The objective was to identify a set of practices to advance the federal workplace goal in the President's Management Agenda. MITRE compiled and analyzed the ideas from the discussion in this report to provide key recommended practices and actions for the government to consider.


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