The High Density Departure and Arrival Traffic Management (HDDAM) Concept

April 2012
Topics: Air Traffic Management, Airspace, Decision Support Systems
Bill Bateman, The MITRE Corporation
Gaea Payton, The MITRE Corporation
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The High Density Area Departure/Arrival Management (HDDAM) concept is being examined as a Mission-Oriented Investigation and Experimentation (MOIE) at The MITRE Corporation's Center for Advanced Aviation System Development (MITRE/CAASD). The HDDAM concept applies a basic principle from management science: Decisions should be assigned to those who are already performing other tasks with the relevant data, and therefore know the most about the factors affecting the decision, and will be most directly affected by the consequences of those decisions. The HDDAM concept realigns the focus of decision making and actions between the ARTCC, TRACON, and Tower into roles and responsibilities that may encourage proactive planning and decision making within the NAS.


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