Electronic Systems & Technologies

atomic clock

We're addressing several critical problems, including how to improve the performance, power efficiency, security, and reliability of electronic and microelectronic devices, circuits, and systems. Many of these are constrained by size, weight, and power (SWAP) requirements. For example, reducing the size or power profiles of analog and digital electronics increases their capability while reducing the burden of carrying equipment in the field.

Our researchers are tackling these problems from different directions. Some explore ways to achieve incremental SWAP improvements through Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuit technologies. Others seek transformational improvements through nanotechnology and nanoelectronics. In one project, for example, we're collaborating with Harvard University to develop a nanoprocessor that could address SWAP issues in far-reaching ways.

We're also applying multiple areas of expertise to the problem of security. As government organizations use more and more commercial-off-the-shelf electronic devices or parts to save money, they must find ways to ensure the security of the global supply chain.