Software Engineering

Our researchers advance methods for information sharing and collaboration across organizational boundaries to support such activities as social business networking, co-engineering of products, and multi-location experiments and demos. We’re using MITRE's own infrastructure to explore a loosely federated, trusted, multi-enterprise sharing environment. Both our staff and external partners can access the environment for information exchange and collaboration. This research includes the development and integration of open source strategies and technologies as applied to complex mission systems.

We're working on many related issues, including identity, authorization, access control, trust frameworks, cross-application notification/subscription engines, information policy, and multiple platforms.

Other research teams are applying MITRE's expertise in autonomous systems to developing technology that can control multiple autonomous platforms at the same time. We're also looking at the over-arching challenge of ensuring the performance of autonomous and learning systems—from unmanned vehicles to the complex algorithms that make high-frequency trades on Wall Street.