MITRE focuses its independent research and development efforts on solving some of the nation’s biggest problems—such as resilient battlefield communications, more effective and efficient healthcare programs, emerging cyber threats, creative tax fraud detection methods, harmonizing global air travel, and exploring globally emerging technologies—that could affect our government sponsors.

These are just a few of the areas that MITRE addresses through technological and scientific innovation. We conduct a wide variety of applied research throughout the corporation, pursuing near-, mid-, and far-term solutions to government agency problems.

To accelerate our discoveries, we work with partners from industry, academia, and other R&D organizations that have expertise which complements ours. Together, we pioneer new capabilities and approaches or adapt commercial ones to government needs. MITRE is often the “innovation bridge” between industry and government, helping match problems with technical solutions.

As a not-for-profit operator of six FFRDCs, MITRE has a unique vantage point across the whole of government, allowing us to tackle such cross-organizational problems as cybersecurity and data analytics. As a trusted advisor, we can access and analyze proprietary data to help both government and industry make decisions.

Our goal is to put our inventions into the hands of government agencies and their stakeholders. We do this by transitioning our new technology and processes directly to sponsors. If appropriate, we license our intellectual property to commercial companies, which produce affordable products for our sponsors, or to non-profit organizations, which use it to support their missions.

Today, you'll find many of our technologies in use by a wide range of government organizations, industries, and other organizations, which supports our mission to solve problems for a safer world.