MITRE Challenge Eligibility Verification

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Looking for Cross-Agency Solutions

We chose payment integrity as the topic of our recent MITRE Challenge because of its significance to so many federal agencies and because MITRE has years of expertise in this area. We also have experience in identifying good ideas from diverse organizations (e.g., academia, industry, incubators) and connecting these innovators with government agencies looking for new ideas.

We began working with OMB and federal agencies to develop the Challenge prior to the issuance of the PMA, but we started highlighting the connection once the PMA was released. This Challenge focuses on one of the most difficult aspects of Getting Payments Right: verifying applicant eligibility.

Recognizing that overcoming benefits eligibility gaps is a longstanding issue that agencies have not been able to solve, we developed the Challenge as an ideation challenge. In other words, we did not ask for prototypes to test, but rather for fresh, novel ideas on how to overcome the government's most difficult gaps.

On March 13, the finalists will share their innovative approaches, which make use of a wide range of technology, from mobile and web apps to machine learning to predictive analytics. Their ideas also support the government's desire for a cross-agency solution, which is what the Challenge Team was looking for—along with approaches that are efficient, user-friendly, and protective of individuals' privacy.