Acoustic modulation apparatus for laser

The invention comprises a laser light source for a raster laser display. The laser light source comprises a laser cavity, a lasing medium within the cavity, a lasing light source and a series of mirrors within the cavity arranged to reflect the beam of laser light repeatedly through the lasing medium. An acoustic modulator is included having an acoustic medium within the path of the beam within the cavity. Video information on each pixel of the display is converted to an RF signal and fed to a piezoelectric crystal which is coupled to the acoustic medium. The acoustic medium is arranged within the laser cavity with respect to the incident laser beam such that, in response to the acoustic information, the laser beam is either directed towards the screen, or when not needed for the display is directed towards one of the mirrors such that the beam can continue to propagate through the lasing medium.

Patent #: 5097480 Issue Date: March 17, 1992