Multi-Mode Patch Antenna System and Method of Forming and Steering a Spatial Null

A hand-held antenna specifically for GPS applications is provided which includes a microstrip patch antenna having a ground board, a single radiating patch spaced from the ground board and a resonant cavity defined between the ground board and the single radiating patch. Feed points are provided, one in the geometrical center of the radiating patch, and one, two, or four equidistantly spaced from the central feed point and disposed at 90 degree angular intervals. A feed network couples fundamental modes of excitation to the side feed points on the patch and a higher mode of excitation to the central feed point. Amplitude and phase controllers are provided in the feed network for amplitude and phase shifting between the fundamental and higher order modes of excitation in order to steer a spatial null in azimuth and elevation.

Patent #: 6252553 Issue Date: June 26, 2001