Network cross-domain precedence and service quality conflict mitigation

A method, computer program product, and system are provided for prioritizing data in a network system. For example, an embodiment of the method may include allocating network system resources to high-priority data with an identifier and dynamically changing a threshold level from a pre-assigned, minimum level in the allocation of network resources based on data traffic with the identifier received by a communication device in the network system. In allocating network system resources, the data with the identifier may be filtered into a separate data stream from data without the identifier. For instance, the data stream containing data with the high-priority identifier may be directed to a high-priority buffer that has a minimum allocation of network resources dedicated to the buffer to ensure unencumbered data transfer between the communication device and a destination within the network system. Further, in dynamically changing the threshold level, network resources may be allocated to data with a high-priority identifier as the high-priority data is received by the communication device. A prioritization of network resource queue space for the data with the high-priority identifier and then a prioritization of data without the high-priority identifier in the remaining queue space, if any, according to Quality of Service (QoS) requirements may be required when allocating network resources. Therefore, the method described above may be used to propagate prioritized data across a network while accommodating for QoS requirements.

Patent #: 7864676 Issue Date: January 4, 2011