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Ethxtxtr (pronounced "Ethics texter") is a scenario-based series of three- to five-minute videos in which professional actors portray a team of typical employees who address real-time workplace ethics issues with the help of a mysterious "Ethxtxtr." In each episode, when a potential ethics issue occurs, team members receive text messages from the Ethxtxtr reminding them of their corporation’s ethics policies—presenting ethics-focused scenarios in a relevant and engaging way.

The copyrighted Ethxtxtr script can be used as a model for any organization; the script can be customized to meet business-specific needs. It also can be used as a reference aid to help organizations determine how their own company values can be incorporated into their existing program.

The license package includes the copyrighted written script, use of the Ethxtxtr trademark, the description from the website, the copyrighted Resource Guide that accompanies the videos, and email templates explaining each episode that can be easily sent from management to the staff.

"The Ethxtxtr" series won a bronze Telly Award in two categories—employee communications and training. The Ethxtxtr was written and produced by MITRE’s Ethics and Compliance Office in collaboration with EthicsOne. Ethxtxtr is a trademark of The MITRE Corporation.

To discuss licensing or collaboration activities, please contact MITRE's TTO.