Integrated MITRE Public Comment Tool (IMPCT™)

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IMPCT is a web-based workflow prototype to help health policy analysts automate the process of analyzing comprehensive public comments.

IMPCT raises the bar in precision and accuracy in the rulemaking process:

  • Automates process workflow of analyzing public comments
  • Distills comments into different topic areas
  • Aggregates common themes into categories
  • Creates an audit trail from individual comment to final rule
  • Develops a database of comments with search functionality
  • Produces a report that can be directly inserted into federal rules

IMPCT streamlines workflows to expedite federal rulemaking by shortening time needed to analyze comments and increasing efficiency of analysts. With accelerated federal rulemaking, regulations are more responsive to public needs and the general citizenry feels more heard.

To discuss licensing or collaboration activities, please contact MITRE's TTO.