Symphony™ Automated Secure Platform License

The challenges facing our world, our people, and our government are inherently complex. Consider the decisions necessary around aviation, severe weather events, disease, healthcare fraud, and poverty. Luckily, there’s another side to that complexity. Applying machine learning and other artificial intelligence tools to the vast amounts of data available from different organizations can transform intriguing ideas into real-world solutions. But there’s a roadblock. The traditional approach of building secure computing infrastructure around big datasets typically comes with a significant cost and several months of stand-up-time that would have been far better focused on the actual problems. At MITRE, we developed a means of compressing this process dramatically—Symphony.

Symphony is an automated provisioning framework that rapidly builds secure analytic cells in the cloud for geospatial, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Symphony accelerates the process by providing pre-built, automated “recipes” to stand up the environment and software, as well as bundled documentation and security controls, in a matter of days. With these integrated system packs, MITRE can assist you with applying Symphony to provision and configure 5-20+ servers that will work on mission problems “right out of the box” in a flexible framework, fully ready to support the entire mission. Specifically, we are offering data analytics, machine learning, data visualization, and geospatial analysis packs.

Learn more about Symphony. To discuss licensing opportunities, contact MITRE's Technology Transfer Office.