Total-Field Horizon Nulling (THN) Antenna Design Package

MITRE has demonstrated a novel, low cost antenna design that significantly increases a stationary GPS timing receiver’s protection against RF interference and jamming.   The Total-Field Horizon Nulling (THN) GPS L1 antenna design provides increased rejection performance while still maintaining a suitable form factor and cost similar to today’s commercially available timing antennas.

MITRE’s THN antenna technology was modeled, prototyped, measured, and field tested. Results have confirmed that when the THN is paired with a properly configured timing receiver, it offers a considerable increase in interference/jamming protection when compared to other antennas of similar cost and size.

A recent paper, published by Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate,  “Best Practices Guide for Improving the Operation and Development of Global Positioning System (GPS) Equipment Used by Critical Infrastructure”, 

recommended an operational strategy of employing blocking antennas, such as the THN antenna, for the defensive benefits they can provide as part of a layered defense-in-depth to mitigate both interference and jamming, as well as spoofing signals.  

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