Photo of Austin Wang

Austin Wang

Vice President, Intelligence

Austin Y. Wang is vice president, intelligence at MITRE. In this role, he leads MITRE’s efforts to drive whole-of-nation, joint, and multi-agency solutions through integration across the intelligence community and our larger national security enterprise, while shaping MITRE’s and our nation’s response to national security challenges. A senior intelligence community executive with nearly 30 years in leadership roles, Wang joined MITRE after 21 years with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), most recently as a senior executive and clandestine technical operations lead. 

During his CIA tenure, he directed the HUMINT [human intelligence] Technology Office for the Directorate of Science and Technology (DS&T). Wang also directed a joint intelligence community global organization, managing end-to-end activities related to unique intelligence, from collection and processing, through analysis and dissemination. 

As chief, European Regional Technical Bases, he led CIA technical officers providing capabilities and executive management across a dozen locations in Europe, Africa, and the Near East. Earlier, he led and implemented organizational changes to ensure alignment of DS&T capabilities with CIA strategic objectives. 

Wang served as chief of a technical base in the Asia region, managing operations and facilities to support clandestine HUMINT and technical collection operations. As engineering division chief in the Office of Special Activities, he provided technical leadership and program management in support of DS&T’s role in critical programs. There he cultivated partnerships across government, private industry, and academia to ensure CIA had the technical capabilities to meet U.S. foreign policy objectives. Prior to his CIA service, Wang served eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps working signals intelligence and ground electronic warfare. 

He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy and graduated from the Executive Stewardship and Enterprise Success in Global Competition program at Harvard Business School. He also holds Clandestine Technical Operations certification from the CIA and program management.  

Wang was a finalist for the Don Cryer Award for CIA Diversity and Inclusion and received the National Intelligence Professional Award for Diversity and Inclusion.