Photo of William Tedeschi

William (Bill) Tedeschi, Ph.D.

Technical Fellow

Bill Tedeschi is recognized as one of our nation’s foremost experts in nuclear weapon systems, weaponization, high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) disturbances, and threat assessments. As a MITRE technical fellow, he will contribute directly to solving the most difficult challenges facing our nation by providing technical expertise to MITRE’s defense and intelligence sponsors and partners.

Tedeschi joined MITRE in 2022 after multiple years with the Department of Energy (DOE) as a senior scientist in the Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence and more than 30 years in technical and management roles in the U.S. nuclear weapons and foreign weapons analysis programs at Sandia National Laboratories. Chairing the Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Committee, and as Deputy National Intelligence Officer on the National Intelligence Council, he advanced the nation’s understanding of foreign nuclear developments across 16 intelligence agencies. 

His work has influenced the nation’s Strategic Defense Initiative, the Star Wars Program, and nuclear stockpile. He has earned recognition for his studies on advanced Air Force Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, the Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications, and orbital debris. Tedeschi also led a cross-directorate team to identify, analyze, and inform on emerging threats to national security. 

Tedeschi has served on the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board and received multiple honors and awards. These include letters of commendation from President Bill Clinton, and a Meritorious Public Service medal from the Director of the Defense Nuclear Agency for his research on orbital debris.