MITRE Wins Third MAKE Award

November 2015

For the third time, MITRE’s knowledge-driven enterprise advancements have earned the corporation a 2015 North American Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) award.

This award, sponsored by Teleos (a knowledge management and intellectual capital research company), recognizes organizations for exceptional knowledge sharing and collaboration practices and transforming corporate knowledge into shareholder/stakeholder value. MITRE was selected for this year's award along with 13 other organizations, including Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Tesla, and IBM, out of 57 nominated organizations.

"It is a pleasure to win this award because the panel consists of FortuneGlobal 500 senior executives and leading knowledge management and intellectual capital experts from across the Americas," says Joel Jacobs, MITRE vice president and chief information officer. “That is, the winners are selected by our peer organizations and the competitors are recognizable leaders in this area.”

In its submission for the MAKE award, the company highlighted the overall knowledge-driven enterprise strategy, which seeks to better capture knowledge in the flow of work processes and make the knowledge actionable. Specific capabilities described included Portfolio and Project Pages, for capturing and using work program information, the enhancement that Tech Stature brought to People pages for expertise finding and project staffing, and Organization Pages for leveraging organizations with specific capabilities and providing decision support to resource managers. These modernized capabilities help employees reach across MITRE to enhance the products MITRE produces for its sponsors.

"MITRE has always put a high importance on sharing across the company and bringing the company to bear," says Fred Zapp, technical director of MITRE’s Knowledge Information and Collaboration Solutions division. "However, we have an enhanced emphasis on MITRE playing a trusted broker role with organizations across the globe. That means we need to continually up our game by furthering innovation for collaboration and knowledge sharing.”

MAKE finalists are ranked against each of the eight knowledge performance dimensions that form the MAKE framework and are the visible drivers of wealth creation:

  • Creating a knowledge-driven enterprise culture
  • Developing knowledge leaders and workers
  • Innovation (R&D, creativity and new product/solution/service design and delivery)
  • Maximizing enterprise intellectual capital
  • Enterprise-wide collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Creating a learning organization
  • Managing customer/stakeholder knowledge
  • Transforming corporate knowledge into shareholder/stakeholder value.

Looking to the future, Donna Cuomo, associate technical director of knowledge management in Knowledge Information and Collaboration Solutions, says improving the ability of accumulated knowledge to support better insights will become even more important as the nature of collaboration at MITRE becomes more complex.

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