BlueTech Lab

The MITRE BlueTech Lab is a state-of-the-art, indoor maritime test facility and collaborative laboratory for innovators and researchers to advance maritime technology, strengthen climate resilience, and increase national security and safety.

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Testing maritime technologies at sea is expensive and difficult. Conducting in-water testing prior to launching costly at-sea experiments radically reduces risk. And sharing access to resources reduces costs and increases agility.

MITRE’s BlueTech Lab is a testing facility that enables the regional BlueTech innovation community to rapidly prototype new technology quickly and safely.

Featuring the longest and one of the largest tanks in the region (106’ x 40’ x 19.7’), with a capacity of approximately 620,000 gallons—the BlueTech Lab’s test tank accommodates the use of unmanned undersea and surface vehicles in a large, controlled space and enables testing of communication and acoustic sensing systems at lower transmission frequencies and longer signal lengths than other facilities.

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