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MITRE’s Independent Research & Development Program Fact Sheet

MITRE’s Independent Research & Development (R&D) experts work with government agencies to identify their hardest problems that could be solved through R&D.

We develop new ways to use technology, creating tools, processes, and approaches that help agencies carry out their missions and ensure a safer world. We also forecast our sponsors’ future challenges and explore the emerging technologies that could provide new solutions—from quantum computing to metamaterials.

By partnering with MITRE sponsors, our researchers see problems from the users’ perspectives—whether they’re sitting in a cockpit, a lab, an operating room, or a cyber operations center. MITRE pursues “use-inspired research.” It can be bold, innovative, even transformative, but it must help organizations succeed in the real world.

Our researchers look at whole-of-government challenges in areas such as cyber, machine-human teaming, and data analysis. We often pursue solutions that could meet the needs of many agencies, adapting new and existing technology to their needs, often collaborating with industry and academia for accelerated results.

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