ChinaTalk: MITRE on National Science and Technology Strategy

In a podcast interview on ChinaTalk, MITRE Chief Technology Officer Charles Clancy discusses the pivotal role MITRE plays fortifying America's national security and driving advancements in science and technology. 

Clancy emphasizes the need for a cohesive national strategy to foster innovation in science and technology. He points out that, unlike past decades marked by monumental projects like the Apollo program, today's landscape requires a whole-of-nation approach to address market failures and drive innovation. 

One of the more pressing issues discussed is the growing threat from China on America’s infrastructure and research institutions. Clancy remarks, "China is trying to hack into our critical infrastructure to gain a strategic advantage without actually pulling the trigger to break anything. You've got Russia doing the same.” 

He paints a scenario where the stakes could escalate if China were to invade Taiwan, potentially moving from cyber espionage to cyber-attacks aimed at causing physical damage. 

The podcast also took a deep dive into the history of research and development funding in the United States. Clancy reflects on the changing dynamics from 20th-century industrial monopolies and major federal programs to modern partnerships between universities and industries. This shift has impacted how America invests in science and technology, particularly in sectors like biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. 

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